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Vendors and Other Lookup Tables

The program learns your business

The materials you use, the subs, equipment, and everything else, gets added into the main brain of the program automatically. Between turning Build In The Black construction software off and on again, from job to job, it keeps a "master list" of job tasks and job items, so that they can be used again and again. Your benefit is that you only need to type in a new thing once, then choose it from your growing lists forever.


Have you ever had leftover material from a job? Does you bookkeeper give you heck when you glom it into the next job without "accounting" for it?
Using the built-in inventory controls of Build In The Black, this construction project management software will automatically record usage of your material assets. You can also enter all of your equipment that you own. As you use up materials on the job, the inventory asset goes down and the cost is nothing for the job. As you use your own equipment, depreciation is factored in, and there's no other equipment rental cost.

Supplier Categories

The program keeps you organized by using supplier categories to group certain items together, such as electrical, roofing, HVAC, etc. You can add new categories and group items to your own specifications.

Large list of Job Materials

The program comes with hundreds of standard material items. You can add your own materials easily.

Definable types of Labor

The program provides all of the standard types of labor. You can add your own labor to use on any job.

Definable Equipment

The program comes with dozens of standard equipment items used in construction, that you can use on any job. And you can add your own.

Definable Job Tasks

The program provides hundreds of tasks that are typically needed for the entire process.
You can add your own tasks easily that can be included in any job.

Definable Assemblies

A select set of material items, labor, equipment, and tasks can get glued together into a single unique name, called an assembly. This assembly can be added to any job, making it faster to add the whole set at a time.

Definable room types

Allows you to choose from a pick list, when adding rooms to your jobs.
Allows you to define new types of rooms and have them available for all jobs.

Definable units and abbreviations

Allows you to work with the units of measurement that you are accustomed to.
Allows you to work with abbreviations, but will show you the fully expanded definition when necessary. Allows you to add your own units, with their abbreviations and definitions.

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