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New Users:

Before installing to Windows 7 or Windows Vista turn off the User Account Control. Go into your User Accounts in the Control Panel, click on User Accounts again, choose "change user account control settings", and then turn off user account control.

This section is for people who are already using Build In The Black - A Builder's Software Solution:

How to get a larger printer font

What you see is what you get. In the estimate, there are so many columns that the printer rasterization algorythms must force a tiny font. Here's the trick: hover your mouse in-between the column headers and it will turn into a + sign with arrows on the left and right. Then you can hold down the left mouse button and drag the column wider or more narrow and even make it disappear if it's narrow enough. You want 4 columns or less for a large printer font.
The printer also tries to keep the relative size of the columns, so if you want more detail in one column, make it wider. If you want less, make it more narrow.

There is a secret export on every screen

If you would like to export the information from any screen, that can be opened in Excel or any other spreadsheet program, email support at buildintheblack dot com and ask how to do this. The answer will arrive in your inbox within one business day.

There are more tips and tricks in the full version under Help...Frequently Asked Questions.

For questions during your evaluation of a demo, please email sales at buildintheblack dot com.

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