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This is as easy as it gets

As you fill in the blanks on the specification screens, the automatic assemblies make instant changes to your Estimate and Schedule. Build In The Black construction specification software gives you a good head start in completing your estimate and construction schedule, after completing just a few specification screens.

The power of leveling

Build In The Black construction specification software organizes your specifications by allowing you to see the big picture, or drill down into any level at any time. These job levels are also reflected back to all other screens as sorting and filtering options.

Each level has its own set of inputs and settings. Most of them are simple "fill in the blanks", checkboxes, and multiple choices. Some examples are dimensions, thickness, optional features, spacing, etc. The job levels are:

  • Land Development
  • Phase
  • Track
  • Lot
  • Structure
  • Floor
  • Room

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