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Printing Request For Bids, Getting Quotes from Suppliers and Subcontractors

Build In The Black construction project management software lets you keep your various construction quotes neatly organized. It keeps track of the status of each quote: whether you awarded, you cancelled, or you're still waiting to hear back. Then it allows you to compare them side by side.

Awarding Bids

Creating construction quotes is easy with this construction project management software, and knowing every labor task or job item that's left to get handled is always on your screen. Awarding those request for bids that come back, is just as easy. Build In The Black operates on the "management by exception" rules, so that you only see what is left for you to do. All of the outstanding bids that need action will be on the screen, like a dynamic to do list that follows your every move.

Purchase Ordering System

You probably heard that using PO numbers is a good thing. Build In The Black project management software does this for you when you press the "Print PO" button. It maintains and assigns unique PO numbers and Work Order numbers for your company.

Paying Invoices

You can record invoice payments while looking at the Accounts Payables of your books, or you can record them while looking at your list of purchase orders, work orders, and invoices that have come in. Build In The Black construction quotes software is very flexible.

"Who's got a copy of my plans?"

When using Build In The Black project management software, there'll be no more guessing. Every time a set of blueprints gets handed out, it keeps track of who's got it, and when. At any time, you'll know who to ask to get them back.

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