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Intuitive Cost and Construction Estimating

With Build In The Black software, cost and construction estimating has never been easier. Jobs can start from details of another job, from a known "base plan", or from an empty page. You can start with "ballpark" figures to quickly sum up your job, and then replace each guestimate by drilling down into detail cost estimates that make up each component. You can create and re-use "assemblies" saving you more time on the next jobs to get estimated.

Quick Edit screen

If you have ever used a spreadsheet program, like Microsoft Excel, then you'll appreciate this screen. You can easily adjust quantities and unit prices just by using your arrow keys, and typing in numbers.

Material Take Off

On a more detailed screen, you can sort by Supplier Category, floor, room, supplier, and eleven other ways, and change anything about any item on your job.

Cost Estimate

"What's my bottom line?" Access this information at the touch of a button:

  • the total cost
  • the selling price
  • $ per square foot
  • total of all materials
  • total of all labor
  • and other useful information.

Change Orders and Variances

You get out, what you put in. When you see how easy it is to add a job item, or remove one, you'll be more likely to put each change into this construction estimating software program. As you do, it automatically creates a change order, or a variance for you. At any time, you can see this ongoing list, and tell exactly what it's doing to your projected profit:

  • who initiated the change
  • whether or not it was a Customer initiated Change Order, or a variance that you needed to absorb
  • job item particulars
  • supplier category
  • reasons and notes
  • the effect that it had on your schedule and estimate
  • dollar amount

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