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Customer and Sales Management

Where there are customers, there can be profit

Whether you build spec homes, or start with a customer in mind, Build In The Black construction software will help you communicate with your customer. Here's how.

Construction Project Management

Build In The Black construction software records conversations with people for you, as you type in what was said into a very easy-to-use screen. These may be prospects, so later you can see what was asked for and what was promised. Or these may be paying customers, and the records can later show verbal commitments to Change Orders and other conversations.

Features and Wish Lists

Sometimes a customer may have a long list of wishes, so Build In The Black organizes these for you. It flags each wish with an indicator if it is a "priority item that is critical", or not. Then, if that customer goes ahead with the project, as each item gets handled, you can mark them as done.

Contract Agreement

After knowing that a contact is a potential customer, you can then choose the following:

  • Start Date of when you figure the work on the site will begin
  • End Date when the customer gets the official walk-through
  • Profit Calculations
  • Payment Schedule

When the above is all set up, the program generates a Contract Proposal for you. Build In The Black uses the term "Customer Contract Proposal" when it prints an agreement for you to give to your prospective customers. Another term for this is "pre-construction agreement".

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